beginner forex traders

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beginner forex traders

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Try to raise your hand, who is interested in entering the Forex market because the lure of generating Forex trading profits is 100% (or more) in a short time? There must be a child yesterday afternoon, desperate for Forex trading because of "cheated" fantastic advertisements. It sounds more or less like this; "make xxx every day by trading online" or "get profits up to hundreds of percent, per day". Then after trading, even a total loss.

Well, yes, if there are people who believe, if the way to generate Forex trading profit is that easy, why isn't everyone doing the same thing? The fact of trading is bitter. Check out the reality here, following the real anti-loss moves.
anti-loss moves for beginner forex traders
Here Are the Facts That Beginners Forex Traders Need To Know

In fact, here, I just tell you what it is:

According to DailyFX data mining in 2014-2015, it was found that the average beginner Forex trader suffered losses. Even though from the table below, most of them are actually able to guess the direction of price movements as much as 50% and above.

strange but real, novice Forex traders fail to generate trading profits even though their positions are right almost 50% up

Source: Data taken from a reputed FX broker on 15 pairs most often traded from 1/3/2014 to 31/3/2015.

Logically, if the total profit position is more than 50%, it should be able to generate a little Forex trading profit. At least break even.

Lah yes, but why can most of them suffer losses?
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Actually, the explanation is quite simple. That's because beginner forex traders are too emotional. In essence, they are still not able to develop ways to produce Forex trading profits consistently.
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Actually, the biggest problem is not because of the accuracy of the open position (OP), but rather when the beginner forex trader is faced with the decision when the position will be closed (closing).